Highlander Cabins

Are you looking for a portable cabin, sleep out or utility building? Highlander have the perfect solution for you. Highlander Cabins and Sleep-outs are made with high quality insulation panel which provides for unparalleled environmental control and comfort. Because of the steel construction and aluminium joinery, Highlander units are also very secure. You can choose from a number of configurations to suit your needs including kitchen, shower, toilet, internal walls and more. Highlander cabins come with window coverings, lights and power points as required.

Quality Construction

Highlander Cabins are made with high quality insulated panels which provide for unparalleled environmental control. The steel construction and aluminium joinery together ensure that they are very secure. Window coverings, lights and power points are all supplied as standard features. But best of all, each of our Cabins features our commitment to quality and finished to the highest standard. 

A Range of Portable Cabins to Suit Your Needs

Choose from 

  • Mono-pitch – 19.44m2 footprint, at 7.2m long by 2.7m wide, our most popular option
  • Cabins - featuring a 22.68m2 footprint at 8.4m long by 2.7m wide (300mm wider than the average caravan for 'roomier' feel).
  • Utility buildings - 12.15m2 footprint, at 4.7m long by 2.7, great for commercial and corporate uses.
  • Sleep-outs - 14.4m2 footprint at 6m long by 2.4m wide, great for sites with limited space and access. 

Range of Interior Options 

With Highlander, our cabin's innovative design approach allows the user to decide what internal fittings they require to suit their needs: kitchen, shower, toilet, interior walls, we can tailor to suit. 

Rent or Purchase

If you're looking to rent a highlander cabin short or long term, or to purchase, contact us today and we'll be happy to help.

Residential Cabins


Featuring a 8.4m by 2.7m footprint including a back deck, our Cabins are spacious, fully insulated, and feature quality construction and design.


A smaller footprint perfect for restrictive sites with limited access, our Sleep-outs are 6m by 2.4m and are easily transportable.

 Granny Flats

A full range of options for whatever level of self-containment you require, choose whether you need kitchens, ensuite, or interior walls. 

Commercial Cabins

Highlander can design and build to your specific requirements. 

Contact us for more information. 

Highlander cabins feature a range of options

Highlander's portable cabins have a wide range of building layout options. Their innovative design allow the you to decide what internal fittings are required, to suit your needs.


Tidy kitchen system with sink and oven options when you need cooking or coffee/tea facilities.


Shower and toilet unit interior room options for when you're needing a more "self-contained" solution.

Need more?

Talk to us. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll make recommendations for your needs.

Why Choose Highlander?

Build Quality

Highlander cabins feature steel construction, aluminium joinery, and are finished to comply fully with local regulations

Cost Effective Transport & Siting

Our cabins can be delivered nationwide, and in most situations don't need a crane to site!

Full Insulation

Full insulation compliant to building regulations, you'll be cool in summer and warm in winter.

Rent or Purchase

Our cabins are available for long term and short term rental, or purchase. 

Representatives Across NZ

Our Franchises are located all over New Zealand.

Customisable Options

Full range of interior options to suit your requirements - Kitchen, bathroom, shower, interior walls, and more.

Delivery & Siting

We can deliver your Highlander cabin practically anywhere in New Zealand thanks to our innovative transport and setup system, and easily position the unit just about anywhere on your section. 

Once in place, all you need do is connect to an approved power source, connect to a water supply, and arrange waste water disposal (if required). 

The whole delivery process can take as little as 30 minutes, and most deliveries can be made without the use of a crane!

For more information, or to arrange a pre-delivery site inspection and discuss if site preparation is needed, talk to us today, and we'll help sort you out. 

Enquire to Highlander Today

If you're looking to buy or rent a Highlander cabin then drop us a line today and one of our sales reps will help sort you out.