About Highlander

Highlander provides innovative, flexible, high quality accommodation solutions to meet any customer requirements anywhere in New Zealand, through our independently owned franchises throughout New Zealand.

Highlander seeks to meet the wide range of needs of New Zealanders looking for solutions to their requirements: from residential uses such as portable cabins and sleepouts, creating extra room for family, at home office space, or just clean, secure, and fully insulated storage - Highlander find and create the solutions that work. 

Our cabins meet the rigorous standards of the rental market. Featuring a modular design with complete kitchen and shower fit-out, it's no wonder we've built the track record of being the go-to solution for thousands of Kiwis.

Highlander also build and customize for the commercial sector - making easily transportable highly quality cabins to fit any niche and meet any requirement - manufactured to the highest standard of quality.

What sets Highlander apart from competitor solutions is our revolutionary transportation technique. Units are transported to site on a specially designed tandem trailer rated to 3-ton capacity negating the need for expensive heavy-lift transport companies, and our siting method doesn't require trucks and Hiabs - making the whole process quicker, easier, and more cost-effective for our customers. 

Company History

Co-directors Mark Waldin and Dave Paul brought their combined 34 years of experience in portable rental accommodation together to create Highlander. Dave's background in the aviation industry as a quality management trainer has proven useful, along with experience as director for two previous businesses in his roles with manufacturing and marketing.

Initially, Highlander started life as a rental caravan business, evolving seventeen years ago into the successful portable rental cabin and sleepout business it continues to be today. Five years ago the Highlander became a Franchise, with branches quickly springing up across the country. 

To see our current range of Franchises throughout New Zealand and get in touch with your nearest one, head to our Rent Cabins page here.