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Pioneering portable lifestyles since 2001

In the Scottish Highlands it is an unwritten rule that… “If someone comes to you seeking shelter, you must welcome them”

New Zealand born and bred, Highlander are fiercely proud of our ancestral Scottish heritage. Our custom-designed portable accommodation and accessible solutions are a celebration of the pioneering spirit and a nod to our family ties.

Starting life in 2001 as a rental caravan business, founder David Paul named his enterprise after his family’s dedication to the art of Highland dancing. The passion has been passed down through many generations. Highly technical, the skill requires strength, mobility, accuracy and agility, all qualities which are represented in our Highlander brand crest and company values.

As the popularity of portable living and working has flourished, so have we. In 2001, Dave was joined by co-director Mark Waldin. Together they have combined their experience to evolve Highlander into a successful pioneering brand and nationwide clan. One of our proudest achievements has been the company’s journey to becoming leaders, innovators and specialists in accessible living.

After Dave’s uncle was hospitalized after a medical incident in 2011, he faced the challenge of how to transition from hospital to living independently at home with disability needs. At the time there were no solutions in the marketplace to help his uncle temporarily or permanently adapt his home, in particular the bathroom. So, the team at Highlander rallied together and did what they always do – using a little Kiwi ingenuity they designed and engineered a smart portable solution. The pop-up accessible bathroom was born and changed how people with accessible needs transitioned from medical care.

The invention was followed by other accessible products, including the development of a flexi-tunnel to connect portable accessible bathrooms to existing homes. These innovations have enabled thousands of Kiwis with temporary or permanent disabilities to leave medical care earlier and live independently in the comfort of their own home. Our range of accessible products is now the go to solution for ACC and occupational therapists nationwide.

The legacy we continue to grow is one we aim to pass on for generations. With an iconic down-to-earth nature, our team love the chance to make people feel at home. The Highlander clan roams from the top of the North to the tip of the South so there is always a local representative near you.

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