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Highlander is proud to provide ACC approved accessibility solutions for all. We provide short-term and long-term bathroom and accessibility solutions for those living with a disability or mobility issues. Whatever your requirements, Highlander can provide a solution that makes things easier for you with our range of mobility facilities.


Our portable disability bathrooms come complete with wet floor shower, toilet, all plumbing, and all fittings pre-installed and ready to go. This unit can be attached to a house or installed to for complete ease of access. At 3.65m x 2.5m, these units can fit almost anywhere and usually be delivered without the use of a crane. The HB features the high-quality build and full insulation qualities of all Highlander products and has the same easy siting design as our standard cabins.

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The Highlander Bathroom Sleepout provides the benefits of our full accessible bathroom, with the added feature of accommodation. It can be used as a stand-alone building or sited against an existing dwelling. At 8m x 3m, it is spacious enough for all your accessibility needs.

Disability Bathroom Sleepout leaflet


Our innovative pop-up accessibility bathroom is designed to be easily transported and situated inside an internal garage or other room. It provides a fully equipped wet floor shower and toilet facility that is a warm space for users to shower and dress. This quick and easy solution only needs to be popped up, connected to the closest power and water supplies – and you are all set up. It requires no building consent and can be put in place in less than 1 day.

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Our latest creation was designed for those who have little space but need a bathroom and/or toilet facility that is accessible for its users. The Mini 1.2m x 1.2m and was made with carers in mind; sporting a purpose-built shower curtain to reduce splash and enough room to get in there with the client. Delivery and installation are simple. The unit arrives packaged as three sections which are easily assembled, meaning it can be placed in any spare room or space you may have available. Not only does it provide a wet-floor shower area, but you can also have the added toilet functions and an Air Body Dryer for multi-purpose functionality.

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A highly compact unit designed to fit onto your property providing adequate space for carer accommodation and/or storage. Our carer and storage units feature a 3.65m x 2.5m footprint with an internal toilet, plumbing and electrical work.

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Compact and easy to move, our distinctive Step-Up wheelchair lift is a great addition for those needing to create more accessibility and livability. Use this to get up and down almost any stairs with the press of a button. Or you can choose our Step-Up wheelchair hoist that is fully automated to help you get up and down steps, in and out of showers and on and off the toilet

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Highlander’ automatic opening doors have been designed to take the hassle out of entering and exiting buildings, while improving security. Entire doors can be fitted in the factory, to an existing dwelling or the motor can be retrofitted to an existing door. The automatic swing door opener and automatic sliding door opener can be fitted to open using a remote, keypad or sensor and come complete with an iLock system so you feel at ease.

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